11. Molecular Electrocatalysts for Alcohol Oxidation: Insights and Challenges for Catalyst Design

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Prior Publications

10. Utilization of Thermodynamic Scaling Relationships in Hydricity to Develop Nickel HER Electrocatalysts with Weak Acids and Low Overpotentials

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9.  Protonation of a Cobalt Phenylazopyridine Complex at the Ligand Yields a Proton, Hydride, and Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reagent

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8.  Transition-Metal Hydride Catalysts for Sustainable Interconversion of CO2 and Formate: Thermodynamic and Mechanistic Considerations

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7.  Hydricity of Transition Metal Hydrides: Thermodynamic Conditions for CO2 Reduction

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6.  Cyclopentadienyl Cobalt Complexes as Precatalysts for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution

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5.  Multielectron Transfer at Cobalt: Influence of the Phenylazopyridine Ligand

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4.  Electrocatalytic Alcohol Oxidation with Ruthenium Transfer Hydrogenation Catalysts

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3.  Experimental and Theoretical Study of CO2 Insertion into Ruthenium Hydride Complexes

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2.  Redox-Active Bridging Ligands based on Indigo Diimine ("Nindigo") Derivatives

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1.  “Nindigo”: Synthesis, Coordination Chemistry, and Properties of Indigo Diimines as a New Class of Functional Bridging Ligands

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