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The Waldie Group actively participates in several programs that support academic year and summer research experiences for undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds. Kate is also involved in new initiatives in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology that support creating an inclusive and collaborative environment for all members.  

The RISE Program (Research Intensive Summer Experience) at Rutgers is a 10-week summer research program for outstanding undergraduate students. RISE scholars get the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research while living on the Rutgers campus, as well as professional development programs and recreational activities. The Waldie Group has enjoyed hosting our RISE scholars!

Oliver Baumeyer
RISE 2023
Alexander Hidalgo
RISE 2022
Victoria Diaz
RISE 2021
Ronaldo Franjul 
RISE 2020
Zachary Clifford
RISE 2019

The Aresty Research Center helps connect Rutgers undergraduate students with faculty mentors and provides financial support for research opportunities. The Aresty Summer Science Program is a 10-week research experience for rising sophomores at Rutgers - New Brunswick, and the LSAMP Summer Practical Research Experience (LSAMP SPRE) provides research support for LSAMP-qualified rising sophomores. Students in both programs participate in cutting-edge research and professional development events. The Waldie Group has enjoyed hosting our Aresty students!

Paul Masaka
Aresty 2023
Andrew Fedors
Aresty 2021
Isabella Niedzwiecki
RISE 2020
Priya Patel
Aresty 2019

The Douglass College RiSE Program (Women in Science and Engineering) provides academic and leadership opportunities, as well as mentorship and enrichment programs, for women who are pursuing STEM degrees. As part of the Douglass RiSE Program, Project SUPER (Science for Undergraduates: a Program for Excellence in Research) offer Douglass women the opportunity to participate in STEM research at Rutgers. The Waldie Group was happy to host our first Project SUPER student in Spring 2023, Sandra Ahmed. We wish Sandra the best with finishing her chemistry degree!

Since Spring 2022, the CCB Diversity Committee (where Kate serves as the Faculty Advisor) has hosted a biannual mini-symposium in our Diversity in Chemistry Series. These events highlight the careers of chemists from diverse backgrounds, and provide our students the opportunity to interact with new mentors and learn from their personal experiences in STEM. Each event features three student-nominated guest speakers, and is divided into two sessions: a panel discussion session, and a seminar presentations session.


Stay tuned for details about our upcoming Fall 2024 symposium!

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