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Meet the Team


Kate Waldie

Prof. Kate Waldie hails from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, where she obtained her B.Sc. degree in chemistry from the University of Victoria. Her undergraduate research on redox active ligands sparked her initial interest in electrochemistry. Kate then earned her Ph.D. degree at Stanford University, followed by her post-doctoral training at UC San Diego. In 2018, Kate began her independent career at Rutgers University, where her research group is interested in the design of molecular systems for electrocatalytic applications related to energy storage & conversion and organic synthesis. 


Alex Peroff

Dr. Alex Peroff earned his Ph.D. degree at Northwestern University under the direction of Richard Van Duyne and Eric Weitz. He then completed a post-doctoral position at SUNY Albany. Alex joined the Pine Research team as an Electroanalytical Scientist in 2016, where he currently develops social media and website content to support electrochemical scientists in their research and educational efforts.

The Electrocatalysis Workshop is generously supported by Pine Research and the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

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