Group Members

Post-doctoral Scholar

Andrew Cook

Joined June 2019
Graduate Student

Sriram Katipamula

Joined December 2018
Undergraduate Student

Priya Patel

Joined October 2018
Graduate Student

Siddhant Warrier

Joined December 2018
Visiting High School Student

Sophie Zhang

Joined May 2019
Graduate Student

Minzhu Zou

Joined December 2018

Group Alumni

Mark Dresel, Summer Researcher 2019

Zachary Clifford, RISE Summer Researcher 2019  

Jingjing Jin, Undergraduate Research 2018

Interested in joining the Waldie Group? 

Current Rutgers graduate students enrolled in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology should contact Kate to discuss their research interests and available opportunities in the group.

Prospective graduate students should apply to the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Graduate Program at Rutgers. For information on how to apply, click here. Please contact Kate directly with any questions about research opportunities in the group before applying to the program.

Highly motivated undergraduate students pursuing a Chemistry degree at Rutgers who are interested in gaining research experience in the Waldie Group are encouraged to contact Kate via email or in person. 

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